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Are you a Dirty Rockstar?
Build a buisiness around your passion!

DR Chapters get...
 Free license to use the "Dirty Rockstars" brand
Logos, graphics and artwork
100% of the revenue from all your local events
Graphic design services for party graphics and ads
An email address@dirtyrockstars.com
Rev share on all DR sign-ups in your city
Swag, and more swag
Corporate resources and help with everything from creating your chapter to bulk printing to insurance and more
Start Your Own Dirty Rockstars Chapter Today!

The DR Chapter Charter
 Host a party at least once a month
Have an after-party where people can play, if at all possible
Create VIP experiences (including clubs, bars, homes, and unique venues)
Don't undercharge for your events (you need to cover your costs and make some money)
Respect other promoters in the local lifestyle community (don't counter-program the same crowd)
Music should be current club – house, electronica and dance – or as appropriate for the theme, and set at the appropriate volume
Use themes for your events (give the girls the chance to dress up)
Be a positive reflection on your local lifestyle community, as well as the Dirty Rockstars brand
Engage & work with other DR chapters when hosting events in their cities
No vanillas mixing with your guests. Period. Newbies and swirls are okay

What's it cost? Nothing! As long as there isn't already a chapter in your area then the opportunity to leverage the Dirty Rockstars brand is open!

Ready? Contact us at ClubRelations@kasidie.com.